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At KLONDIKE, we understand that reliability, durability, improved engine life and up-time are vital to your success. With an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and challenges of the lubrication world today our premium quality product range of certified packaged and bulk oils, greases, industrial lubricants and chemicals are designed to optimize performance and provide exceptional value in all automotive and heavy duty industries.





Whether it’s heavy duty, industrial, or automotive, KLONDIKE has you covered. We provide a comprehensive range of packaged and bulk oils, lubricants, greases and chemicals ready to be shipped to you from our strategically located distribution facilities throughout Canada and the USA. Our vast blending and custom formulation capabilities enable us to fulfill your industry’s most 


challenging requirements.


Our oils, greases and fluids are subject to strict testing requirements and quality assurance processes. In addition to our in-depth internal technical process, our products are tested in a variety of world-class technical institutions to meet and exceed top performance requirements in any given industry. The KLONDIKE Quality Assurance Guarantee underpins the standard of excellence in our product formulations.


The KLONDIKE lubricating oils and greases are formulated from the finest mineral and synthetic base oils with highly advanced additive technology. This ensures high performance, maximum efficiency, and total equipment protection.


KLONDIKE is a registered international member of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Lubricating Standardization & Approval Committee (ILSAC). These trademark certifications are clearly stated on our applicable products, ensuring that they meet and exceed all warranty requirements of international engine manufactures that subscribe to these stringent global testing institutions.


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 Heavy Duty Engine Oils

 Automotive Engine Oils




 Hydraulic Fluids

 Industrial & Functional Oils





  Gear Lubricants


 Transmission Fluids 



Tech Resources


As part of the KLONDIKE commitment to customer service we provide resources such as technical documents, OEM approval information and warranty details. Choose from the links below for more information.




At KLONDIKE our products are backed by a dedicated team of experts who are available to you with educational information and a commitment to ensuring technical excellence across all our innovations.

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At KLONDIKE we believe that educating our customers empowers them and sets them up for success in their industry. In keeping with our goal to provide the highest quality oils, lubricants and chemicals, and world-class service, you can find out more about our warranty here.

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OEM Approvals


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approvals represent one of the highest standards a lubricant can be approved as. KLONDIKE oils and lubricants have been approved by world’s leading manufacturers, including General Motors (dexos1®), Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Renault, Mack, as well as by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

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“KLONDIKE 15W40 is better than other oils I’ve used as it holds its viscosity levels better. Oil tests show better performance than I’ve seen before. After 200 hours of operation the viscosity is still way up.”

Mal MacCallum, General Manager – Murrin Construction Corporation


“When we switched from our old brand to KLONDIKE –we noticed a difference. We are changing out at 300 hours with great results and durability.”

Dennis Philip Casano, President & Board Member – Dalton Trucking Company LTD


“We switched from another premium lubricant brand to KLONDIKE in 2010 and have preferred the product ever since.”

Ray Bremner, Branch Manager – Clusko Logging Corporation – Kelowna, BC


“We were having a problem with our previous lubricant supplier where the very high temperatures in our dryer was cooking the lube into a dry powder. KLONDIKE appears to handle the heat much better and at a competitive price.”

Jim Glover, Operations Superintendent – CIPA Lumber Mills Co. Ltd – Vancouver, BC


“Always use KLONDIKE 10W in our hydraulics, we like that in our hydraulic systems, it has been good to us. We have over 100 pieces of equipment where we use KLONDIKE oil and we are very happy with it, some have over 35,000 hours  on them and they are still running with the original pumps. We use good filtration and good oil with KLONDIKE and it seems to pay off. I have been in the road building business for 41 years”

Randy O’Brien, President – O’Brien Logging and Road Building Corporation







Volvo Lubricants are developed specifically for your Volvo machine. Volvo Lubricants give you high and consistent quality – so that your machine runs longer, better and cleaner!


Lubricants are vital for your machine, and critical for the system as a whole. Volvo Lubricants:




Our range of engine oilshydraulic oilsaxle and transmission oils are specifically matched to the components of the machine. Our range of greases has been carefully developed to prevent unnecessary wear.


With regular use of Volvo oil analysis* you also get important information enabling you to plan component changes in good time before problems occur. This way you lower the risk of expensive damage and downtime.


For carefree ownership with maximum uptime of your machine, please take a look at our Customer Support Agreements. Here genuine Volvo Lubricants as well as genuine Volvo Filters are central features.


* not available in all markets yet











Volvo engine oils are developed for our diesel engines. They optimize the diesel engine’s performance and minimize fuel and oil consumption. All Volvo oils:



Volvo Ultra Diesel Engine Oil VDS-4
Viscosity: SAE 10W-30, SAE 15W-40.
Quality Grade: Volvo Engine Oil 97486, VDS-4, API CJ-4/ACEA E9


For more information about Volvo diesel engine oil, contact your Great West dealer.





Volvo Hydraulic Oils are quality oils with high viscosity index. They are designed for the hydraulic systems in Volvo construction machines.

Volvo Super Hydraulic Oil has several advantages:



Volvo Super Hydraulic Oil
Viscosity: ISO VG 32, ISO VG46, ISO VG 68
Quality grade: Volvo Hydraulic Oil 98608, ISO 6743-4 Cat. HV


For more information about Volvo hydraulic oils, contact your Great West dealer.






With regular use of Volvo oil analysis you get a comprehensive diagnosis of the machine's condition. The analysis gives a lot of information, e.g., water/coolant content, viscosity, dirt and quantity of metal particles.

Thanks to the early warnings provided by the oil analysis you can plan component changes in good time before problems occur, thus avoiding expensive damage and downtime.

With Volvo oil analysis you get:



Using the oil analysis program can also shorten repair times, since sometimes it can pinpoint the cause of the malfunction. This means much faster troubleshooting and diagnosis.

For more information about Volvo Oil analysis, contact your Great West dealer.




important adviceADVICE AND TIPS


Handling lubricants correctly will protect your machine, your health and the environment. Here are a few important points: