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Active care


Volvo ActiveCare Direct (ACD) is an industry leading 24/7/365 machine monitoring and fleet utilization reporting service offered directly from Volvo and Great West Equipment. Volvo monitors customers machines in real time from the Uptime Centre in Pennsylvania and alerts the customer and dealer when corrective action is necessary. Additionally, Volvo generates monthly fleet utilization reports and sends them directly to the customer and/ or dealer.

Other telematics systems rely on the customer to receive data and sort through alarms and error codes. With ActiveCare Direct, Volvo analyzes and prioritizes the data into case reports that require immediate attention – saving you valuable time and ensuring pressing items are dealt with immediately.

Once those actionable cases are created, you and our service teams are sent an email with the details of the issue, potential causes and suggested actions. This simple process is proven to reduce downtime.


Volvo does the work for you.

With ACD, there is no need to spend hours going through data. The monthly fleet utilization reports send work vs idle percentages by machine type, by the week and by the month across the entire fleet. Also receive model stats which provide an easy comparison of individual machine stats in a data chart to help identify outliers that are burning more fuel than others, machines that are underutilized and may need to be reallocated and machines nearing service intervals.

Receive actionable insights for your fleet.

Not only will you receive reports that save valuable time, but upon receiving the reports, GWE will have already reviewed the reports and will call out action items – such as instances of machine misuse – outline why they are important, what can be done to fix the problem and what are potential savings or issues that can arise if the problem is not rectified.

Alerts are sent only when you need them.

Machine alerts

One reason telematics adoption is challenging are the volume of alerts. This leaves you unable to determine what is important and what is not. With ACD, all information from your machines is sent through the Volvo Uptime Centre and they only create and send cases to the dealer or customer when an action is required to keep a machine up and running. Machine alerts are prioritized as follows:

a.Priority 1: These cases go to the dealer and/ or customer and include scenarios that put the machine at risk of going down.

b.Priority 2 and 3: These cases go only to the dealers and include things that won’t put the machine down. The dealer may reach out to discuss the alert and make recommendations.

c.Priority 4: These cases involve service planning and send an alert so you and the dealer can plan accordingly.

Machine alerts
Active Care Direct Benefits


Current customers enrolled in Activecare Direct are averaging impressive improvements to fuel efficiency, idle times and overall fleet utilization. Customer can also learn how to save money on costly repairs by reducing common machine misuse issues.


10 – 15%






GWE has dedicated telematics specialists that are available to you by phone or email. If you require a tutorial or have questions/concerns, we are here to assist you!

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