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Brad Kirschner

Financial Services Manager

Introducing Brad Kirschner, a dedicated professional with a strong background in business administration and finance. Equipped with an academic foundation from Okanagan College, Brad embarked on a journey characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence in financial management.

Before taking on the role of Finance Manager, Brad gained invaluable experience in the investment and finance industry, where he honed his skills and deepened his understanding of financial strategies. For two years, he was immersed in the intricate world of investments and financial services.

Undeterred by challenges, Brad ventured into entrepreneurship by opening and managing a small business. This bold move not only showcased his entrepreneurial spirit but also provided insights into the demands and rewards of small business ownership.

In 1994, Brad made a pivotal transition, entering the dynamic automotive industry. His journey in this sector was marked by remarkable success, particularly in the field of sales. His exceptional sales acumen and dedication to customer satisfaction led to a swift rise through the ranks, culminating in roles in sales management and business office management.

Having spent over two decades contributing significantly to the automotive industry, Brad decided to bring his expertise to Great West Equipment. In this new chapter of his career, he assumed the role of Finance Manager, entrusted with the responsibility of developing and managing the finance program for the company.

Driven by the core principle of "Service First," Brad and the team at Great West Equipment are steadfast in their commitment to the company's values. Their primary focus is on delivering top-notch service to customers, fostering success, and simultaneously expanding the company's market share while cultivating enduring customer loyalty.

With a wealth of knowledge, a diverse career journey, and a deep-rooted commitment to financial management, Brad brings a unique perspective to the role of Finance Manager. His dedication to enhancing financial operations, improving customer experiences, and driving business growth is at the core of his professional philosophy.

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