5 Reasons to Rent an Excavator

5 reasons to rent an excavator

Excavators, otherwise known as diggers, are vital pieces of heavy equipment for most construction projects. An excavator can be used for all kinds of jobs, ranging from material handling to landscaping to demolition to river dredging and construction. However, they are most commonly used in jobs where it is necessary to do a lot of digging. 

Excavators have a very unique and functional design. The main part of an excavator is made up of a boom, a dipper, and a bucket. All these pieces connect to a cab that sits atop a rotating house that can rotate 360 degrees in most cases. Excavators are typically available with either tracks or wheels; each could have its own benefits, depending on the nature of the projects for which the excavator is predominantly used. 

Excavators also come in various sizes, and there are many possible attachments that they can use in place of the digging bucket, such as an auger, a drill, a ripper, or a rake, thus making them quite diverse.

No matter what kind of construction job you come across, it would be shocking to see a site without an excavator, especially during the early stages of a project. Their variation in size makes it possible to use them in everything, from backyard renovations to major construction projects. If you value versatility, efficiency, and power, then adding an excavator to your fleet is a great idea.

What are the benefits of renting an excavator rather than buying one?

After you have decided to add an excavator to your fleet, the next important question to consider is: will you buy one, or will you rent one? Exploring the advantages of renting versus owning your heavy equipment can pay off in more ways than you might imagine. It can also save you and your company a significant amount of money, thus protecting your bottom line.

The following factors are crucial to consider when making your decision:

1. You don’t have to pay for it when not in use

Although an excavator is an essential tool for various construction projects, there may be cases where it is not one hundred percent necessary for the entire project. If you come across a project that only requires using an excavator for the beginning stages, it is possible to rent one for a short period and then return it once you no longer need it. 

That way, you do not have to stress about it taking up space on an already crowded job site. The dealership can take care of that for you. Then, when you need it again, you can go back to them and sort out a new rental agreement.

2. You will have access to the latest technology

Dealerships often revamp their stock with the latest and most innovative equipment. When you choose a rental over purchasing equipment, you can consistently upgrade to the newest machinery on the market every time you start a new rental agreement. This allows you to test the latest technology with your crew to see what might be worth further investment as it relates to increasing productivity.

3. You can better manage maintenance and repair costs

As you may already know, one of the most significant expenses when using heavy equipment is maintenance and repair costs. It is crucial that all kinds of heavy machinery, including excavators, be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to operate optimally. 

However, when the expenses for those maintenance check-ups or repairs come out of your own pocket, they can add up quite quickly – nobody likes surprise bills! Similar to purchasing  equipment, your rental dealership will have options to include an hourly repair/maintenance plan or allow for DIY.  Depending on your company's mechanical personnel, it might make more sense to sign on for the hourly agreement and focus your mechanic on the rest of your fleet.

4. You can cut down on storage costs

Excavators can take up a decent amount of space. This means that when they are not in use, they must be stored either in a large storage facility to protect them from the elements or in a secured yard to prevent vandalism or even theft. Buying or renting a space that big can be costly. 

If you rent your excavator instead of buying it, you will not have to worry about finding such a space, paying for it or paying for the security systems. When you are finished using your excavator, you can simply return it to the dealership without thinking twice about where it will end up.

5. You can hand off transportation coordination

Coordinating equipment movements from one job site to the next, or back to your equipment yard for repairs or maintenance is a time consuming endeavor, especially if you do not have your own lowbedding fleet and rely on one or several companies to transport your gear.  

However, if you rent an excavator from a heavy equipment dealer close to your job site, you will not have to worry about transporting it, as they can likely deliver it right to you and pick it up when you are finished. A reliable dealership will offer logistics options as a part of a rental package. 

How Great West Equipment Can Help You Rent the Excavator You Need

If you would like to take advantage of all the benefits of renting an excavator listed above, Great West Equipment would be glad to help arrange an excavator rental for you.

We have a huge lineup of rental equipment, so we are confident that we can help you find the perfect excavator to match your power, productivity, efficiency, and flexibility needs. We would also be happy to discuss your budgetary requirements and the various rental agreement options we offer.

You can be confident that any excavators you rent from us will perform optimally the entire time you need them, as there are low hours on all of our machines, and they are all thoroughly maintained by our in-house team of technicians.

We understand the importance of having access to the equipment you need right away, so we go out of our way to ensure the ordering process is easy for all rentals and that delivery of the equipment is quick. 

For more information about our excavator rental services or to request a tutorial from one of our experienced equipment specialists, call Great West Equipment at 1-833-730-0613 or contact us here.

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