Summer Maintenance 101: 5 Tips to Revive Your Excavator

Summer maintenance 101: 5 tips to revive your excavator

Summer tends to be one of the hardest seasons for heavy machinery, like excavators. Whenever it comes around, summer tends to bring hotter temperatures, increased sun exposure, and drier working conditions, consequently putting much more of a strain on various aspects of the equipment.

In addition, summer is one of the busiest times of the year for most construction operations. Thus, your equipment also has to deal with the strain of an increased workload.

The culmination of these factors results in the necessity for proper and consistent maintenance throughout this sunny season in order to prevent such enhanced stresses on your equipment from leading to a breakdown.

Fortunately, if you carefully monitor the state of your excavator throughout the summer and tend to it as needed with the correct preventative maintenance, you can prevent potential breakdowns and costly repairs.

In doing so, not only will you save your operation from unnecessary expenditures, but you will also limit your excavator’s downtime and, thus, boost the overall efficiency of your operation.

Best Excavator Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Excavators are an essential component of any construction operation thanks to their versatility, power, and maneuverability. If you want to continue to reap the rewards of your excavator this summer and keep it performing optimally, however, there are some maintenance measures that you must put into practice.

In addition to standard maintenance procedures, summer conditions often call for additional steps to ensure the season’s challenges are countered. The following are some of the best excavator maintenance tips to leverage this summer to protect your machine:

1. Conduct a seasonal inspection

You should conduct a thorough inspection of your excavator in advance of any seasonal change, especially when summer is on the horizon. This inspection should keep the demands of the coming months in mind, and also assess the potential aftereffects of the previous season.

For wheeled excavators for instance, as summer approaches, test your tires to ensure shifting temperatures have not impacted their PSI. Since high temperatures cause far more wear and tear on tires than colder temperatures, it will be necessary to keep a close eye on the state of your tires all throughout the summer.

In addition, if your excavator comes equipped with AC, this system should be tested before outside temperatures heat up too much to ensure that it is in working order before it is needed.

Large integral windshield wipers should also be checked, as should coolant hoses and hydraulic lines, to ensure that nothing is damaged and everything works properly.

2. Check fluid levels

Fluid systems can be impacted quite heavily by hot summer weather. Coolant and hydraulic fluids are especially affected by the heat. Therefore, examine the fluid levels leading up to and throughout the summer.

To ensure your coolant expansion reservoir stays full of fluid, make sure you regularly check the system and top it off as needed with the proper type of coolant for your machine.

Modern organic acid technology (OAT) coolants are a popular choice for newer excavators, while silica-based coolant seems to be a more common choice for older machines. However, what is most important is that these two types of coolant are never mixed, as this will result in them gelling and losing their cooling abilities.

3. Keep moving parts lubricated

Oil and grease will almost always start to break down over time when exposed to extreme temperatures. Since summer temperatures can hit high levels for prolonged periods, it is necessary to stay on top of keeping the excavator’s moving parts lubricated throughout the season.

If the lubricating oil and grease break down too much, their viscosity level will lower and they will not be able to sufficiently do their job. This is why it is necessary to apply more lubricant in the summer months and to do so more frequently.

When purchasing lubricants for summer use with your excavator, you may also want to select those that are rated for a higher degree of heat resistance.

4. Regularly change filters

Throughout the summer, it is common for dust and debris to accumulate faster, resulting in the clogging of your excavator’s air filters. This can consequently reduce its engine’s performance over time.

Therefore, it is crucial to inspect and clean your excavator’s air filters on a daily basis and replace them as needed in accordance with its manufacturer’s specifications. Your excavator’s fuel filter should also be replaced often during this time of the year to prevent dirt from getting into the machine’s fuel system.

Make sure you always store new filters in their original boxes until they are ready to be used so that they do not become filled with dust or debris in advance of their use, as this would render them useless.

5. Maintain proper operation practices

It is always important for equipment operators to avoid overworking their excavators. This is especially vital during the summer months due to the excess heat that these machines must face.

If an operator pushes an excavator past its set performance parameters in the summer, it will quickly overheat and could become damaged or break down. Every time an excavator is used in the summer, it should be allowed to properly cool down after use by idling the engine before shutting it down. This will limit the chances of potential heat damage.

Why Great West Equipment Is the Perfect Place to Find a New Excavator This Summer

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In addition to providing top-of-the-line machines, we also offer a full spectrum of maintenance and repair services. Therefore, if you would like some extra help keeping your excavator well-maintained this summer, you can count on us.

Our highly trained technicians employ the most advanced technological advancements to keep your machine in optimal condition so that you can maximize your return on investment.

Our technicians also know the ins and outs of our excavators better than anyone else, so they know exactly what must be done to prevent costly downtime. They will take any measures necessary to ensure this.

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