How to Select the Right Attachments for Your Volvo Excavator

How to select the right attachments for your Volvo excavator

One of the main reasons why Volvo excavators are so widely celebrated is due to their extreme versatility. This makes it possible for them to be utilized on tasks of all types, and on job sites of various sizes and conditions.

Using a single machine to get all kinds of work done not only allows you to get the most out of that machine and improves overall productivity, but it also leads to significant savings, as it eliminates the necessity for the addition of certain machines to your fleet.

The biggest key to Volvo excavators’ versatility is their wide range of different attachments. With each unique attachment, the equipment can perform specific tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

Thanks to the variety of Volvo excavator attachments and the ease with which these can be switched out as needed, an unmatched level of flexibility is brought to every job site.

Depending on the nature of the work, such as digging, trenching, or grading, having the right attachments will make your Volvo excavator easy to rely on, no matter what the job is.

Excavator attachments range from basic tools meant for more standard types of work to specialized tools optimal for less common jobs, like demolition, shearing, or pulverizing. These varied attachments also come in multiple sizes, power ratings, and configurations, so you can always find one that is perfectly suited for your work.

How to Find the Best Attachments for Your Volvo Excavator

Volvo’s excavators are impressive machines on their own, but the key to unlocking their full potential lies in choosing the right attachment for the job, as certain types of work require particular attachments.

Excavators are mostly known for their use as earth-moving machines. However, thanks to the large variety of attachments that Volvo excavators can be utilized with, the assortment of jobs they can be used for has grown substantially.

The following tips are the most helpful to consider if you want to find the best attachments for your Volvo excavator:

1. Understand your needs

When purchasing or renting a new attachment for your excavator, your equipment dealership of choice can provide you with much better guidance if you go in with a solid understanding of your job requirements.

For instance, if you can provide details about the types of material you will be working with, cycle time requirements, and the equipment specs of all the machines that the attachment will be used on (such as model numbers, weight capacities, configuration, etc.), they can give a better picture of your needs.

If the attachment you are getting is going to require hydraulics, it is crucial that you know your machine’s hydraulic flow (GPM) and pressure (PSI) output capabilities. You should also figure out whether your machine has a third or fourth hydraulic function capability, as many attachments need this.

If you have a quick coupler, it is a good idea to bring a photo of it with you, or at least remember the brand and model so that you can provide that information, too.

2. Learn the flow specifications of the hydraulic circuit

In addition to providing power to the ground, a machine’s hydraulics enable lifting and tilting motions, and they run the auxiliary circuit, which drives attachments. Since different equipment manufacturers may have varying criteria for “standard-flow” or “high-flow,” it helps to understand how your machine is equipped and what it will require in this domain.

On the other hand, if you have a high-flow machine that has a 2 pump flow option, it will be capable of maintaining maximum pressure regardless of the attachment speed or the working conditions at low or high idle.

3. Select the right attachment configuration for your machine

It is quite common for equipment manufacturers to develop tools in various configurations to help maximize the hydraulic circuit’s potential, particularly in medium-duty applications.

Depending on the demands of the applications that a certain attachment is intended for, a particular configuration may be required.

For instance, a high-flow planetary-driven auger on a high-flow hydraulic machine is an appropriate choice for extreme-duty applications. In such cases, the high-flow configuration allows for maximum torque, and the hydraulic hoses and seals are built to withstand the additional pressure and maintain a connection that is free of leaks.

In most cases, it is possible for machines with high-flow hydraulics to operate attachments designed for standard-flow machines. However, it is not a good idea to use high-flow tools on standard-flow machines, as such machines cannot supply the required flow to properly operate the tool.

How Great West Equipment Can Help You Find All the Volvo Excavator Attachments You Need

The best way to ensure you have the attachments that serve your needs is to work with a reliable equipment dealer who has the expertise to guide you in the right direction. That is exactly what Great West Equipment can provide.

If you are searching for a Volvo Construction Equipment dealer that knows Volvo equipment inside and out, there is no need to look any further. We have had Volvo distribution rights for over 20 years, and have carried a significant stock of Volvo machines for that entire time.

Our experienced team of heavy equipment experts is incredibly familiar with the demands of differing construction applications, and can help guarantee that you get exactly what you need to get the job done.

Our selection of Volvo excavator attachments is also suited to a variety of different budgets, as we carry both new and used equipment. For our new and used equipment inventories, we offer equipment financing options to make things easier for our customers.

We understand that, sometimes, a particular tool may be necessary for an upcoming job, but is not required for the long term. This is why we also offer a range of flexible rental options.

For more information about why we are the best Volvo Construction Equipment dealer in BC, or to learn more about the types of Volvo excavator attachments we carry in stock, call Great West Equipment at 1-833-730-0613 or contact us here.

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