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Dave Barr

Corporate Trainer / Product Specialist

Dave embarked on his professional journey as a Heavy Equipment Technician Apprentice in 2000. He spent the early part of his career honing is skills as a technician for construction companies in several industries, then moving into a dealership role for Inland Kenworth and later, StrongCo. Dave has spent the majority of his time in-field on a service truck, working on every type of equipment imaginable.

Dave’s rich and comprehensive career experience has made him a seasoned expert in all matters pertaining to heavy equipment. With a profound knowledge base and a wealth of practical insights, he is a sought-after authority in the realm of equipment-related matters. Dave's invaluable expertise is a testament to his dedication and passion for the industry, making him an indispensable asset to anyone seeking guidance in the world of heavy equipment.

Boost your equipment lifespan: 4 tips from a top Volvo construction equipment dealer
Posted on 11-06-2024 by
Boost Your Equipment Lifespan: 4 Tips From a Top Volvo Construction Equipment...

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on new construction equipment, the last thing you want is to have to replace that equipment after only a few years of use. READ MORE

Summer maintenance 101: 5 tips to revive your excavator
Posted on 04-06-2024 by
Summer Maintenance 101: 5 Tips to Revive Your Excavator

Summer tends to be one of the hardest seasons for heavy machinery, like excavators. Whenever it comes around, summer tends to bring hotter temperatures, increased sun exposure, and drier working conditions, consequently putting much more of a strain on various aspects of the equipment. READ MORE

How to select the right attachments for your Volvo excavator
Posted on 28-05-2024 by
How to Select the Right Attachments for Your Volvo Excavator

One of the main reasons why Volvo excavators are so widely celebrated is due to their extreme versatility. This makes it possible for them to be utilized on tasks of all types, and on job sites of various sizes and conditions. READ MORE

SAFEYE by DotNetix: Advanced solutions for collision avoidance and fatigue management
Posted on 21-05-2024 by
SAFEYE by DotNetix: Advanced Solutions for Collision Avoidance and Fatigue...

In the world of construction, the vast majority of projects often require the use of multiple machines and numerous workers on a single site at the same time. Despite the frequent necessity of this, such circumstances tend to pose some significant risks. READ MORE

How to Choose the Right Construction Equipment for the Job
Posted on 30-04-2024 by
How to Choose the Right Construction Equipment for the Job

When you think about the first step of a construction project, what comes to mind? Is it clearing a site of rocks and other debris, laying out markings according to the plan, or leveling the site and digging holes and trenches in preparation for the foundation? READ MORE

How GPS technology is revolutionizing excavator efficiency and accuracy
Posted on 23-04-2024 by
How GPS Technology Is Revolutionizing Excavator Efficiency and Accuracy

Excavators often play a critical role on most construction sites, as they are extremely versatile machines that can be utilized to perform a wide range of tasks. READ MORE