When Is It Better to Replace, Rebuild, or Repair Heavy Equipment?

When is it better to replace, rebuild, or repair heavy equipment?

When heavy equipment is an integral part of your business, having regular maintenance on each machine is likely a normal part of your operation. After all, by nature, the kind of work that heavy equipment is subjected to often involves heavy use and harsh conditions. However, despite consistent and proper maintenance work, machines may eventually get to a point where it is no longer possible or safe to use. 

Sometimes that may simply be due to the equipment’s age, whereas other times, it may be related to its extensive use. In either case, having even one of the machines in your fleet go out of commission can change things in a very negative way for your operation. You may not be able to take on certain projects anymore, or the length of time and effort required to finish others may be heavily impacted. 

What are the advantages of a replacement, a rebuild, and/or a repair?

When your equipment is no longer functioning how you need it to, the three main available options are replacing it, rebuilding it, or repairing it. These options are quite drastically different, and each comes with other advantages. Therefore, you will have to decide based on various factors, such as your business’s goals, financial situation, and the exact condition of the equipment in question. 

Repairing Your Equipment

Deciding to repair your equipment is generally the best option when swapping out or fixing a few components is only necessary. A repair is also a good option when you must have your equipment up and running for an upcoming project. 

Since totally rebuilding the machine or shopping around for a replacement could both be rather time-consuming, repairs are typically the quickest solution when you have a pressing timeline you need to adhere to. 

From a financial standpoint, it also makes more sense to repair your equipment if it is still under a valid warranty and covers the repair cost. That way, you will not need to worry about taking any major financial hits to get your equipment back in operation, which is a major advantage. 

Similarly, if you have financed your gear and still have not paid off the loan yet, it is a good idea to repair it when possible and, therefore, extend its lifespan. Otherwise, you may end up in a scenario where you continue to pay for a machine you can no longer use, which will certainly be frustrating. 

Fortunately, some dealers even offer field repair and maintenance services, meaning you do not have to worry about bringing your equipment elsewhere since a technician will come to you. You can reduce your equipment’s downtime and save on transportation costs. 

Rebuilding Your Equipment

If your equipment has more than a few parts that need replacing or fixing, then refurbishing it through a rebuild may be a better option. Getting your machine rebuilt involves replacing all of its major components and many minor elements. When your rebuild is complete, it will essentially be in like-new condition, and its lifespan will be significantly extended. 

If your machine requires extensive repairs, having it rebuilt is generally more economical. Especially when your equipment has gotten to the point in its lifecycle where many of its parts are nearing their end, having a rebuild done will save you from having to bring it back in time after time for repairs since everything will be taken care of all at once. Therefore, even though a rebuild takes longer than a simple repair, you will save time in the long term. 

Rebuilds also allow you to upgrade your equipment by implementing new engineering features that have come out since the equipment was originally released. After a complete rebuild, your equipment will function as well as when it was new, maybe even better, for less than half what it would cost to replace. A machine’s value will also significantly increase after a rebuild, which can be profitable if you sell it down the line. 

Replacing Your Equipment

If you decide against repairing or rebuilding your equipment, the alternative is purchasing a new or used replacement. Generally, it is best to hold off on replacing your equipment for as long as possible because doing so typically involves the largest investment. 

However, if your equipment requires some excessive repairs, your warranty or protection plan has expired, and your ownership costs are generally lower than your operation costs, you may want to consider a replacement. 

If it seems like you will need to repair your machine more and more frequently or the machine itself has become so outdated that even a rebuild may not bring it up to current standards, it may be time to replace it. 

If you are trying to expand your operations or increase your bid competitiveness, having new equipment may give you an upper hand. However, it is also necessary to ensure that your business is in a good financial situation to afford new equipment since a significant investment is almost always required. 

How Great West Equipment Can Assist You With All Your Heavy Equipment Replacement, Rebuild, or Repair Needs

Great West Equipment has you covered if you decide to repair, rebuild, or replace your heavy equipment. No matter what kind of equipment you bring to us for repair, our team of skilled, experienced, and certified technicians can ensure that a top-quality repair will be done. You can even take advantage of our customizable maintenance agreements, which will give you constant peace of mind, knowing that your equipment will always be at its peak performance. 

If you feel a rebuild makes the most sense for your equipment, our Certified Rebuild Program will allow you to get the most out of your investment. When we return your equipment, it will perform better than ever before, all for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. We can also tailor our rebuild to meet your specific needs or requirements.

Of course, if you opt for a replacement, we also have a wide selection of new and used high-quality machinery from several equipment manufacturers. We offer competitive pricing and financing options to protect your business’s finances. 

For more information about our repair or rebuild services or to request a consult concerning purchasing equipment from our extensive stock, call Great West Equipment at 1-833-730-0613 or contact us here.

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