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Sarah Lawrence

Corporate Parts Manager

I went to college and received my diploma in Business Management in 2009. I started with Great West December 2009, and I began as a warranty admin / service writer. After 3 years I moved into shipping and receiving and worked my way up to a front parts counter position. I received my Red Seal to make me a journeyman parts person in 2015. I then took the position as the Corporate Warranty Manager in 2019 and then moved into the Corporate Parts Manager role in December 2020 / January 2021 which is part of the Senior Management Team of 8 individuals (not executive management team yet lol). I also trained the service and parts team how to use the new DMS program in 2019 when we switched over.

Meet Sarah Lawrence, a seasoned professional in the world of corporate parts management. With a solid educational foundation in Business Management, having earned a diploma in 2009, Sarah embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead to a distinguished career at Great West Equipment.

Sarah's journey began with Great West Equipment in December 2009, starting as a warranty admin and service writer. Over the course of three years, she honed her skills and expertise, demonstrating a remarkable ability to navigate the intricate world of parts and service operations.

In 2012, Sarah transitioned to shipping and receiving, marking the beginning of a remarkable ascent within the organization. She diligently worked her way up to a front parts counter position, where their commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction shone through.

The year 2015 marked a significant milestone in Sarah's career, as she achieved the prestigious Red Seal certification, officially becoming a journeyman parts person.

In 2019, Sarah assumed the role of Corporate Warranty Manager, taking on the responsibility of managing warranty-related matters. Her leadership and expertise in this role was instrumental in improving the company's warranty processes and ensuring customer satisfaction.

A pivotal moment arrived in December 2020, when Sarah transitioned to the role of Corporate Parts Manager. This strategic position places her at the heart of Great West Equipment's operations, overseeing parts management at a corporate level. Sarah is a key member of the Senior Management Team, contributing to the company's growth and success.

With an impressive career journey and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sarah brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the world of corporate parts management. Her dedication to continuous improvement and effective team leadership make her a valuable asset in achieving organizational success.

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