How to Find a Trustworthy Equipment Dealer

How to find a trustworthy equipment dealer

When it comes to buying heavy equipment, choosing the right dealer can affect your business in various ways. Finding such a dealer is about much more than searching for one that carries the equipment you are looking for or one that offers attractive prices.

Although those are important factors, it is also necessary to find a dealer with whom you can build a long-lasting relationship and benefit from in terms of ongoing service and support.

When you find a dealer you can truly rely on, the relationship you establish with them can serve you for many years to come. The ideal equipment dealer will be able to offer you a lot more than just their equipment.

They can provide a level of unmatched expertise, experience, and professionalism that is hard to come by elsewhere. Although it may be rare to come across such a dealer, when you find one that meets and exceeds your expectations, you will see that it makes a world of difference.

Factors to Consider While Searching for a Trustworthy Equipment Dealer

When selecting a dealer, there are often many options to choose from, which can be rather overwhelming. However, there are some things that you can keep in mind during this process to make it smoother and to find the right dealer for you.

The following factors are all important to consider so that you end up with a dealer you can trust to provide you with consistently top-quality service:

1. Do some research

When seeking a trustworthy equipment dealer, you should do as much background research as possible on dealers that catch your attention. This background research can involve contacting colleagues or friends to see which dealers they have worked with and to learn what those experiences were like.

Aside from first-hand accounts from people you know and trust, it also helps to read some reviews online to get a good overall idea of a dealer’s reputation before you check them out in person.

2. Inquire about equipment coverage

When you run an operation that heavily relies on the use of equipment, it is crucial that you take measures to minimize your exposure to risks. Otherwise, they could put you and your business in an unfavourable scenario. Since one of the best ways to do that is through extended protection, it helps to know the kind of protection a dealer can provide before deciding to purchase equipment.

The three main types of protection options that you will typically encounter are standard manufacturer warranties, extended protection plans, and specialized parts warranties.

Standard manufacturer warranties will guarantee that a dealer will repair or replace parts that break down for a predetermined amount of time. Extended protection plans will protect you from unplanned repair costs that relate to covered defects in material and manufacturer workmanship. Specialized parts warranties will protect only certain parts within your equipment.

A good equipment dealer usually offers multiple coverage options and will discuss your business’s needs to determine the coverage that is best suited to you.

3. Look into post-sales services

With the number of parts included in most construction equipment and the amount of heavy use they get, a lot must go into their upkeep; especially when it comes to keeping them functioning optimally and extending their lifespan for as long as possible.

While searching for a good equipment dealer, you should inquire about the post-sales services that various dealers provide and avoid ones that offer limited or no post-sales services. A truly reliable dealer can offer many of the maintenance and repair services you require, so you can bring your equipment back to them for regular maintenance and repair.

Some dealers even offer other post-sales services in addition to maintenance and repair, such as equipment operator training sessions and routine fluid analysis. Although these perks may not make or break your decision to choose one dealer over another, it is hard to deny that the convenience of a one-stop-shop scenario is tough to beat!

4. Interact with the dealer’s staff

Although much of the process of looking into an equipment dealer can be done online, it definitely does help to visit a dealer you are interested in and scope the place out for yourself. Interacting with their staff can also tell you a lot about them.

If you find that a dealer’s staff is knowledgeable, patient, and helpful in answering your questions or offering suggestions or tips, this is another great sign that they are the kind of dealer you can trust. Good dealers put effort and energy into maintaining high-quality customer service and professionalism.

Why Great West Equipment Is a Reliable Equipment Dealer

If you are searching for a trustworthy and reliable heavy equipment dealer in Fort St. John, look no further than Great West Equipment. We can offer everything that you could possibly need. Our inventory of both new and used equipment is unmatched in quality, as we have all of the best and latest machinery made by some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Whether you are in the market for a new excavator, loader, compactor, or hauler, we have plenty of options to choose from, and we would be happy to offer suggestions so that you can get exactly what you need.

In addition to our top-notch equipment, we also have a team of incredibly knowledgeable staff who have plenty of experience dealing with all kinds of heavy equipment. Hence, if you have any questions, doubts, or concerns while searching for equipment, our team members would gladly offer directions and assistance to simplify your shopping experience. We can even demo any equipment you are interested in, as it often helps to see how certain equipment works first-hand before making a purchase.

Great West Equipment also has a dedicated service department that can help you take care of your maintenance and repair needs. Our in-house technicians are the best in the business and will get your equipment back to you in impeccable condition every time you bring it to us or request in-field service, all in the shortest time possible. From equipment monitoring to machine refurbishments to onsite solutions, we offer it all.

For more information about our extensive inventory of equipment including Excavator rental, or to learn more about the services we can provide, call Great West Equipment at 1-833-730-0613 or contact us here.

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