Volvo’s Commitment to Sustainability

Volvo’s commitment to sustainability

Unfortunately, we live in a period when climate crises are at an all-time high, the global population is higher than ever before, urbanization is growing at an out-of-control rate, and things only seem to be getting worse in all these matters.

The only appropriate way to respond to this global situation is to direct all of our energy and attention toward transforming our behaviours as much as possible to slow down such negative effects on our environment. One of the best ways to do so is to embrace sustainability practices at every opportunity.

Sustainability needs to occur in a wide array of industries across the board if we want to see some significant changes in the world, and that includes the construction industry. This can be done in the way that construction equipment manufacturers and users leverage technology, use limited resources, and act responsibly to combat climate change.

How Volvo Has Committed Itself to Boosting Its Sustainability Practices

Within the construction equipment manufacturing industry, Volvo has stood above the rest when it comes to its sheer dedication to adopting sustainability practices.

From its focus on people’s safety, well-being, and health to maintaining a sustainable value chain, Volvo has demonstrated a clear commitment to countering the current climate and environmental crises through its responsible and sustainable practices.

The following are some of the main ways that Volvo’s sustainability approach is concentrated on responsibly managing the world’s resources and moving towards a circular economy:

1. Climate approach

Volvo has demonstrated a clear understanding that combating climate change is an urgent matter, which is why it has adopted science-based targets to help make this possible. In line with the Paris Agreement, Volvo aims to do everything it can to help keep the global temperature increase to 1.5 °C or less. Volvo believes that one of the best ways to do so is to lead an effort toward the decarbonization of the transportation industry and the other industries in which it is active.

Accordingly, one of Volvo’s main goals in its approach to tackling the problem of climate change is achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. To make this objective possible, Volvo has been working closely with cities, municipalities, suppliers, customers, and other partners. It also looks into various sustainable power solutions, fossil-free approaches, and ways to reduce customers’ emissions.

In addition, Volvo has put effort into transforming its manufacturing sites to be CO2 neutral. Volvo has also tried to reduce direct and indirect energy emissions from its operations, internal transportation, and purchased goods and services departments.

Since taking on these sustainability goals, Volvo has managed to stay on track and make some significant progress. Its operational GHG emissions were 13% lower in 2022 than in 2019. Additionally, the indirect emissions from its operations were cut down during this period due to its increased use of renewable energy resources.

2. Resources approach

Another way that Volvo has demonstrated its focus on sustainability is by striving for a complete life-cycle approach in various ways to improve its use of the planet’s resources. By taking responsibility for this method and collaborating with suppliers and partners, Volvo aims to accelerate a change toward circularity while rethinking existing production and consumption patterns.

To make this possible, Volvo has been seeking out ways to improve its approach to reusing, reducing, remanufacturing, and recycling across its whole value chain, including product design, responsible purchasing, and the use of sustainable materials and substances.

Volvo is also doing everything it can to replace fossil fuels with clean and renewable energy sources and sending zero waste to landfills from all its production sites worldwide.

3. People approach

In addition to its primary focus on the climate and resources, Volvo values people, placing them at the center of everything it does. For this reason, Volvo prioritizes the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in its company and across its value chain.

Another social responsibility Volvo takes on is creating opportunities for its employees to contribute their full potential in a work culture that embraces diversity, inclusiveness, and empowerment regardless of gender, race, age, abilities, or background.

Volvo believes that the only way to develop a resilient, prosperous, and sustainable society is to fight against corruption, respect human rights, and encourage collaboration between corporations, governments, and other stakeholders.

Moreover, Volvo consistently demonstrates its valuation of education and skills development by conducting numerous professional training programs in emerging and established markets worldwide. By placing importance on vocational training for technicians, mechanics, drivers, operators, and factory workers, Volvo equips them with the essential skills needed for their roles in the transportation and construction industries.

How Great West Equipment Can Help Make Your Construction Operation More Sustainable

If you are impressed with all of the steps that Volvo has been taking to work towards a more sustainable future, and would like to participate in this effort to combat climate change, you can do so by purchasing electric heavy equipment produced by Volvo.

If Volvo’s goals and values align with your own, and this is the kind of equipment you are interested in adding to your fleet, Great West Equipment has a wide variety of new and used sustainable Volvo equipment in stock to choose from. One of our equipment specialists would also be happy to discuss your unique needs so that we can make some suggestions about the best equipment to meet your goals.

In addition to selling top-notch Volvo equipment, we carry quality heavy equipment from a variety of other manufacturers as well, many of which have also made an effort to commit themselves to a sustainable future. Whether your operation requires excavators, loaders, or compactors, we offer a comprehensive selection. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure you find exactly what you need, especially if you’re in the market for quality excavators for sale in BC.

For more information about our inventory of sustainable Volvo equipment or to learn more about the other heavy equipment we have in stock, call Great West Equipment at 1-833-730-0613 or contact us here.

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