Machine Control Technology: How It Can Improve Productivity

Machine control technology: How it can improve productivity

With the current tech boom taking the world by storm, the construction industry has undergone many changes and improvements in recent times. One of the tech innovations leading this revolution is machine control technology.

Machine control technology, which has been spreading everywhere, involves using satellites and 3D models that make it possible to assess a machine’s exact location on the planet and compare this position with a desired design surface. In addition to accurately determining the positioning of these machines, this kind of technology also facilitates remote grade checking, equipment function automation, and data collection.

Throughout a construction project, there are countless times when individuals must make critical decisions to ensure that things stay on track in terms of time, productivity, and budgetary factors. With machine control technology, you can make crucial decisions based on concrete data rather than fallible traditional methods or varying operator skills and experience.

In the end, pairing machine control technology with various types of heavy equipment, ranging from motor graders to excavators to dozers, can do wonders for the overall productivity of your construction operation.

What are some of the ways that machine control technology enhances job site productivity?

Numerous 3D GPS positioning suppliers have proven time and time again that implementing machine control technology will help bring your operating costs down by enhancing productivity on your job sites.

Yet, how does this brilliant technology make that feasible? The following are some of the main ways that machine control technology enhances job site productivity:

1. Get Things Done Right the First Time

It can be incredibly frustrating (and costly) to face extensive downtime because you have to perform a rework. With machine control technology, you can save yourself from this unnecessary stress and costs by cutting down on unnecessary reworks and getting things done right the first time. In addition, fewer reworks will result in more efficient project completion and faster turnaround times.

2. Enhanced Predictability

Another way that machine control technology can help improve productivity is by enhancing the predictability of various projects when it comes to factors such as required time and materials.

When you can predict such factors, it is possible to allocate equipment and personnel, and it is also much more feasible to keep material costs to a minimum. This can also make project bidding more precise.

On the other hand, if you are unable to accurately assess how to allocate time, materials, and workers for projects, it could result in you having to spend additional time and resources to correct miscalculations.

3. Improved Equipment Utilization

In addition to working more efficiently, machine control technology allows you to work smarter. For instance, this technology can train a contractor to cut down their use of three dozers on a particular job site to just two, freeing up the third to another job site.

With this technology, it is also possible to ensure that a given machine is where it needs to be when it has done its designated work so that the transition from one to the other at that location can take place seamlessly.

4. No More Restaking

Many contractors set aside a significant amount of time and money for a project to dedicate to re-staking throughout the job for various reasons, such as changing designs or stakes getting moved or run over. However, with machine control technology, the data points remain unchanged unless the design changes, so you do not have to worry about dealing with this.

Even if the design changes, all that you have to do is upload the new design instead of restocking it the entire night.

5. Shorter Learning Curve

Machine control technology makes it simpler for inexperienced workers to manage their work on construction job sites. Since there is less room for errors, there is less of a learning curve for new workers. Therefore, it will also be easier to attract the attention of new, younger workers, thus streamlining hiring periods.

How to Implement Machine Control Technology to Maximize Your Construction Operation’s Productivity

There are plenty of ways that machine control technology can improve your construction operation’s overall productivity. However, the best way to ensure you can maximize the positive impact on your business is to choose a GPS champion who can work directly with the technology supplier.

It is also essential to figure out the best way to use the GPS infrastructure available to you. To do this, it is critical to question various things, such as whether you will be using an external team to support your business or whether it is your goal to become more independent.

Go with a company that offers you after-sales support to gain access to the answers you need when you need them and minimize your downtime.

How Great West Equipment Can Help You Leverage Machine Control Technology to Enhance Your Construction Operation’s Productivity

Great West Equipment can offer machine control solutions if you would like to take advantage of the benefits of machine control technology and use it to boost your construction company’s overall productivity. We believe all companies deserve the chance to try new technology, so we developed an 18 month Rent-To-Own program that allows you to realize the financial benefits of the system while you pay for it.

In addition to providing you with high-performing machine control technology, our skilled and experienced support team can offer comprehensive after-sales assistance as you implement it. They are experts on Hemisphere GradeMetrix, Topcon, and Trimble systems.

Whether you need help with installation, calibration, file management, or operator interface training, we would be happy to provide remote or onsite support and walk you through easy-to-follow solutions. Our ultimate goal is to make implementing 3D technology into your business easy and painless.

We also have a wide assortment of different new and used equipment for sale that you can utilize such technology with to improve the quality and quantity of work your construction operation can get done.

For short-term equipment rentals, or if you do not want to purchase equipment, we provide fair and flexible rental options. Our heavy equipment experts would also be glad to help guide you in the right direction regarding such matters.

​​For more information about our excavators for sale or to learn more about the machine control technology we offer, call Great West Equipment at 1-833-730-0613 or contact us here.

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