The Importance of Using Proper Fluids and Filters in Heavy Equipment

The Importance of Using Proper Fluids and Filters in Heavy Equipment

You’ve invested a LOT in the right equipment and want to make sure you get the most out of it. By choosing and maintaining filters and correct fluids for your equipment, you can achieve optimal performance, healthy emissions systems, and better fuel economy. If you select the wrong types and neglect maintenance, you risk your equipment performing less efficiently and even becoming damaged.

How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Machine

The correct oil is essential to the proper functioning equipment. By using the wrong oil, you risk the engine parts degrading and failing. In such cases, the engine could need to be replaced.

Standard Rates and Oil Viscosity

Choosing the right type of oil is based on many factors, including its viscosity or thickness. Oil viscosity plays a significant role in engine performance. You’ll need a viscosity that won’t be too thin when it’s hot during the summer, and oil that won’t be too thick in cold winter months.

How Dirty Oil Affects Your Engine

A common mistake with diesel engines is neglecting to change the oil. Your engine could suffer serious damage if your oil is dirty, resulting in costly repairs. Completing oil changes less often can seem like a cost-saving measure but skipping or stretching these always costs more in the long run. ***Always refer to your owner’s manual for oil type and frequency of oil change***.

Filter Choices for Your Machine

It is essential that the correct filters are installed. By using the wrong filter, fluids may flow improperly, and contaminants may pass through the system. ***Always refer to your manual for the correct filters and variants applicable***.


Reliable and long-lasting performance depends on the quality of the fluids and filtration of the system. Fluids can degrade in viscosity or become encrusted with impurities if they lose their proper viscosity or are polluted by impurities. Routine maintenance can minimize the need for costly repairs and replacements, which can often be avoided if maintenance is conducted regularly.

Work with your dealer to ensure an effective fluid and filter maintenance program. The dealer can be a vital part of the fleet management process, ensuring that maintenance is performed correctly, costs are predictable, and the owner knows the total cost of ownership for each machine.

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