Why Choose Volvo?

Why choose volvo?

Regarding construction equipment, countless brands have come and gone over the years. Still, few have stood out among the rest and established a reputation quite like Volvo’s. Volvo has only continued to grow more and more impressive since its humble beginnings nearly 200 years ago in a small town in Sweden.

During this extensive history, it has become one of the world’s biggest and most successful construction equipment manufacturers, with over 265 dealers in over 180 countries.

Volvo has designed and released everything from excavators to wheel loaders to articulated haulers to compactors to pipe layers and more, and its equipment is known for being innovative, durable, and robust. Volvo has continued to regularly develop new equipment and update and upgrade its tried and true classics to offer the right solutions to every type of construction job.

What are the main reasons why Volvo is a brand worth choosing?

When you require new construction equipment to add to your fleet, Volvo’s wide assortment of machines should always be a top contender that deserves your consideration. There are several noteworthy reasons why Volvo can safely be considered the best of the best in the construction equipment industry.

With each Volvo machine, the proof is in the pudding. The following are some of the main reasons why you should decide to go with Volvo the next time you need new construction equipment:

1. Volvo’s Admirable Mission

One of the best reasons that Volvo is a brand worth choosing is because of its admirable mission: to build the world they want to live in, a goal that focuses on making wise decisions today that will contribute to a better future for everyone.

Volvo focuses on modifying its approach to product design and manufacturing to be as sustainable as possible to minimize its environmental footprint.

In doing so, they strive to forge a better, cleaner, safer, and more connected world while keeping people’s health, safety, and well-being at the center of everything they do.

The fact that Volvo looks beyond short-term economic factors to prioritize the environment and long-term sustainability is genuinely honourable and makes it an easy company to get behind and support.

2. Volvo’s Commitment to Quality

Volvo’s commitment to consistently developing, manufacturing, and selling top-quality products demonstrates its more profound understanding of how its customers require equipment that will not just get them through the day but will last and maintain their performance for years.

All of Volvo’s machines are meticulously designed and thoroughly tested to ensure that they can keep their longevity even when faced with the most challenging possible conditions. Since Volvo machines are manufactured in-house, they can control each component’s quality completely.

Since Volvo has never compromised its quality with any of the machines it has put out, when you buy a Volvo, you can do so with confidence that the product you purchase will also be of high quality.

3. Volvo’s Commitment to Innovation and the Latest Technology

Whenever you are in the market for a new piece of heavy equipment, one of the biggest draws to specific machinery over others is the technology that a particular machine uses. With Volvo equipment, the latest and greatest technology is always embraced. Volvo is consistently at the forefront of designing or implementing new tech in its machines, such as smart digital tools, autonomous vehicles, etc.

Innovation is at the core of Volvo’s equipment design. Its engineering team’s primary focus is always through each stage of this process, from conceptual exploration to production. This innovative approach helps the company optimize conventional technology and designs.

At the same time, it allows it to come up with radical, game-changing ideas that contribute to the industry in meaningful ways.

4. Volvo’s Track Record of Success

As it has put out impressive machine after impressive machine, Volvo has earned consumers’ trust over the years, translating into an awe-inspiring level of success. For instance, in just the first quarter of 2023, Volvo secured incredible profitability and increased its global sales by 11%. Increased sales and profitability levels were even more impressive, specifically in Europe and North America, where they rose by 17% and 37%, respectively.

5. Volvo’s Global Presence and Wide Range of Equipment

With dealers in over 180 countries, Volvo has one of the most significant global presences in the construction equipment industry, making it easy to access its equipment, parts and services no matter where you are.

As part of the Volvo Group, the same Volvo suppliers also provide access to some of the best big rig truck brands in the world, which sets Volvo apart from its competitors.

No matter what the scale of your construction projects is or what kinds of projects you are planning to take on, Volvo’s extensive range of equipment, attachments, and parts will ensure that you have what you need to get the job done.

How Great West Equipment Can Hook You Up with All the Volvo Equipment You Need

Are you convinced that Volvo equipment is as good as it gets? It is true, and if your construction operation could benefit from adding Volvo equipment to your fleet, Great West Equipment can help make that a reality, as we offer an incredibly extensive inventory of Volvo machines.

Whether in heavy or civil construction, recycling, waste management, mining, or forestry, we would love the opportunity to talk about how Volvo Equipment can benefit your operations profitability in the short and long term.

Whether you are in the market for new or used Volvo equipment, we have both options available and can supply your equipment needs. Our new equipment consists of the latest and most innovative machines on the market, and our team of expert technicians has thoroughly inspected our Volvo Certified Used equipment.

We even offer a wide range of equipment financing options to make your purchase of new Volvo equipment as smooth and seamless as possible.

For more information about our extensive stock of Volvo machines or to learn more about our maintenance and repair services, call Great West Equipment at 1-833-730-0613 or contact us here.

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