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Tom Hughes

Corporate Trainer / Product Specialist

Tom Hughes is an accomplished heavy-duty technician with a diverse background in the construction and mining equipment industry. With over a decade of hands-on experience, his journey began with a rigorous four-year apprenticeship at Volvo Construction Equipment in the United Kingdom. During this time, he not only gained practical knowledge but also actively participated as an apprentice steering group member, contributing to the development of apprenticeship programs.

Upon completing his apprenticeship, Tom continued to hone his skills during four years as a mobile heavy-duty technician for Volvo CE GB. His work extended to various sectors, including mining, construction, demolition, road building, drilling, civil construction, and more. His commitment to excellence led him to attend OEM training sessions and industry-leading college tuition, ensuring he remained at the forefront of heavy equipment maintenance and repair.

Tom’s career then took him to British Columbia, where he joined Great West Equipment (GWE) as a mobile heavy-duty technician. His expertise and dedication quickly earned him the role of service supervisor at GWE's Terrace branch. In this position, he led a team of technicians, coaching and guiding them to provide top-notch service to customers.

Having developed a profound understanding of the industry and machinery, Tom became an apprentice writer for GWE, actively contributing to the growth and success of apprentices. He also played a pivotal role in training development and delivery, ensuring that the next generation of technicians received the best education and guidance.

In his current role as a product specialist, Tom Hughes’ primary duty is to support both customers and technicians with technical training and assistance. He specializes in a range of heavy equipment, including Volvo ART, EXC, SDLG, and Sennebogen, ensuring that individuals in the field have access to the knowledge and resources they need.

Tom’s comprehensive experience, training development expertise, and dedication to the industry make him a valuable asset and a well-rounded author capable of providing insight into the world of heavy-duty equipment maintenance, repair, and training.

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